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Seadrift, Texas


Guadalupe Bay Ranch- 505.92 acres- Seadrift TX, Calhoun County Located 1.75 miles from Seadrift and bordered by the Victoria Barge Canal and boasting approximately 1/2 mile of Texas Bay frontage, this amazing property encompasses 505 acres of beautiful South Texas coastal land. The 300+/- acres of lush semi-improved pasture land, as well as approximately 200+/- acres of nutrient rich wetlands, provide ample habitat for deer, wild hogs, coyotes, dove, and a vast variety of migratory waterfowl species. This unique property boasts many acres of prime habitat for wintering waterfowl. The shallow water areas are graded efficiently to allow for a vast area to be covered by even levels of water that can be flooded and drained. The wetlands are restrained by sturdy levies and relieved by a water control structure located along the eastern boundary of the impoundment. Common waterfowl species that winter on the property are Northern Pintail, Gadwall, Northern Shoveler, American Wigeon, Green & Blue Winged Teal, Cinnamon Teal, Redhead, Scaup, Canvasback, Snow Geese, Sandhill Crane, Snipe, and Rails. This property is configured as an attractive rectangular shape, and conveniently located along approximately +/-1/2 miles frontage feet of TX-185 at the front, and approximately +/-1/2 mile of Texas Bay Front viewing into Guadalupe Bay, which leads into San Antonio Bay. Viewing into the Victoria Barge Canal and Guadalupe Bay, this noteworthy property allows for easy access to Cast & Blast adventures, as well as a quick boat ride to fish for trout in the bay and chase tailing redfish in the flats of Flat Bayou, Big Bayou, and the Swan Lake back country. Rich soils allow for healthy grazing pastures, as well as tree cover for cattle and wildlife. In addition to the many outdoor recreation uses, this fertile property is suitable to support a healthy, cattle grazing operation, amongst the quality pastures of native and improved grasses. The property is improved with two water wells that can be used to supply water to wildlife and cattle, a ranch house or improvements, as well as flood wetlands for waterfowl. The property is improved with an easement that is used for the retention of materials from the dredging of the Victoria Barge Canal. This occurs periodically approximately every 3-5 years. The Calhoun County Navigation District controls and uses this easement. The presence of this easement creates an excellent habitat for waterfowl, as well as preserves this incredible coastal property from being over-developed.